What to Prepare for Your Photography Kit

Photography doesn’t need to be a stressful experience even if you are just starting out. A good planning and a well-prepared photography kit can save you a lot of trouble and hassle while you are out there shooting. Here are some things you can pack into your photography bag that will be useful no matter what type of photography subject your are shooting.

Extra Batteries

When you buy your camera, usually it does come with one battery, but if you plan take your shooting seriously, then you would need to invest on another battery. Your extra battery should always be inside your camera bag and readily charged with power. Just imagine if you are shooting landscape photography and you have been outside the whole day waiting for that perfect sunset. You have set up your tripod, gathered all your filters like polarizer and warm graduated filters only to realize that you are running low on power! There is no power outlet and then your extra battery is not even charged! There you go, you can say goodbye to that sunset shot you have so painstakingly set up for! So, remember that you should have your extra batteries and have them fully charged before you leave for the shoot.

Extra Storage/Memory Cards

If you want to make sure that you are shooting the best quality images for your shots, you have to set your camera at a high quality setting and may even need to use RAW settings depending on what you are shooting. In this situation, you can get really high quality images but the downside is you also consume a lot of storage space in your SD or CF cards.

So, when you go out to shoot, remember to pack a couple of extra memory cards in your photography kit. It is best to invest in medium storage capacity from 8-16 GB. That’s because if you are shooting a wedding, for example, and you just store all your footage in one huge capacity card like 32 or 64 GB, if that card gets corrupted, you will instantly lose all your images for that event. If you have been storing your photos in different cards, even if one of them gets corrupted, you still have several cards to get your footage from and show to the client. Even big photography Dubai studios practice this kind approach as a safety net while they are shooting.

A Good Prime Lens

When you are shooting, you can actually live with just one type of lens. For example, if you have a decent zoom lens from 18mm to 200mm, you can actually shoot a wide-variety of shots already with that one lens. However, if you ever need to shoot in low-lighting conditions, it would be good to pack in a prime lens with a wide opening and sensitivity to light. For example, you can invest in a 35mm 1.8 prime lens, which will allow you to shoot indoors even in low-lighting conditions. Having a high-speed lens will always be handy for low-lighting situations that cannot be handled by a regular zoom lens.

How to Expand Your Business Network in Dubai

Whether you are a small startup company or already an established corporation, one thing that remains the same is that you should always try to build business relationships and maintain good ones. That’s where networking steps in. No business can survive if it is not able to expand its reach, get new customers, get trusted suppliers, and continuously improve its services and products through constant communication with its business networks.

If you are in Dubai, you know just how competitive competition is since this city is actually a business hub in the UAE. Therefore, every day so many things are happening in different industries and it may be hard to keep up with all of them. For all you know you and your business might be losing out on important business opportunities just because you weren’t aware of them and nobody told you. So to really keep track of the different developments in your industry, we recommend these resources that will keep you in the loop about business, economy, society, and culture in Dubai:

Social Media Networks

If you don’t have a social media account, better make one now. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are considered the easiest and fastest way to spread information about niche markets and specific industries. Therefore, if you want to have an online presence with your customers and basically let the world know that your company exists, you have to have a social media account.

However, opening an account and leaving it there is not enough. You have to update the contents of your account daily or at least in a regular schedule in order to show your followers that you are an active business. It’s important that you have practical and relevant content postings on your social media networks so that more people would be happy and find value when visiting your pages. If they feel they are getting something out of your posts, they will share these to their connections and that is basically going to be the start of your network building.

Online Business Magazines and News sites

In order to get the latest news and updates about your industry and keep up with the competition, you have to know where to get new information every day. And where else can you get that if not from online business magazines and news sites? When it comes to a good and reliable business magazine Dubai offers many options. There are both local and international magazines that feature economic news, feature profile articles, and other interesting articles on different businesses, products, or services. These sources are also very updated about events, seminars, and conventions where you can get new contacts for freelances and suppliers that can help your business grow.

Trade Shows

If you really want to meet new people in your industry, then make sure you are attending the many trade shows held in Dubai for different industries. Through trade shows, you not only find out the latest products different companies are shelling out, but also you get to actually meet and greet the people behind these products.


Source: Tharawat Magazine